Business travellers: How to attract them to your accommodation business

The business travel market is a lucrative one. If you want to improve the bottom line of your accommodation business, and ultimately achieve a higher price when you sell it, you need to know how to sell rooms to corporates.

So, what do business travellers want in a motel? And what improvements can you make to ensure your property is a great motel for business travellers? Here we cover some key factors to attract customers in your motel business from the corporate world.

Motel strategies to attract customers from the world of business

Understanding business travellers’ needs and wants are key to successfully attracting corporate customers to your accommodation business and tapping into this highly lucrative market. Here are some points you need to consider.

1. Location, location, location

Most business travellers are staying in the area to visit a specific business, so they will choose a property that is located close to that business.

You can get ahead of the competition here by doing some research. Find out which businesses are located close to your property by doing a Google search. Then issue invitations to local businesses, so they can visit and recommend your property to corporate guests coming from other areas to visit them.

2. Make it easy to check in and check out

When you have a corporate guest in your motel, you need to be aware that they are probably on a tight schedule. They need every aspect of their trip to run smoothly if they want to meet all of their objectives.

You can improve their experience by making it as quick and easy as possible for them to check in and check out. They will appreciate your speedy service, and this will encourage them to recommend you to colleagues.

3. Wi-Fi

Your property isn’t a suitable motel for business travellers unless it has high-speed Wi-Fi. Remember, your corporate guests are here to work, and you need to facilitate this process for them.

Many accommodation businesses offer high-speed Wi-Fi at no charge, so you shouldn’t charge extra for it. Instead, you can make it up in the room price.

4. Food and drink

Many of your corporate guests will not know the area well, and they won’t want to spend time looking for places to eat. This is particularly important for female business travellers who are travelling alone.

If you don’t have a dedicated dining facility on your property, partner with a local restaurant or café to offer meal deals. It will go in your favour if you make the experience as easy as possible for your business guests.

5. Leisure time

Often, business travellers extend their stays to sample local attractions. You can encourage this by getting to know the attractions located close to your property, and highlighting these on your website.

You can also leave brochures and leaflets for local sights in your rooms, and demonstrate your local knowledge by talking to guests about attractions nearby.

6. Build your online presence through social media

Your accommodation business will be more profitable if you can attract more direct bookings without paying platform commissions. To achieve this, you need to make sure business clients are aware of your property.

Social media is an ideal tool for growing awareness. Set up pages for your property on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for Business, and interact with everyone who expresses interest.

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