Selling a tourism business in the digital age

When you’re running a hotel, motel, tourist resort or caravan park and want to move onto new pastures, selling often feels competitive.

In today’s market, thousands of accommodation businesses can be found for sale online each day. So, if you want to make a quick and timely profit, you need to learn some tips to selling a tourism business in the digital age.

From marketing your business using SEO-rich channels to generating leads, selling your accommodation business isn’t a simple process. Fortunately, there is advice you can follow and it’s pretty straightforward.

Sell your tourism business using a site that ranks highly on Google

Although managing your own marketing is an option, it soon becomes arduous and costly. Using channels such as Facebook and Google ads requires a high degree of skill in order to achieve results. In contrast, when you use sites such as Accommodation Business Brokers, you access your target audience immediately.

In the same way that TripAdvisor helps tourists find hotel deals and Airbnb supplies self-catering apartments and houses, Accommodation Business Brokers targets those who want to move into the tourism industry. Throughout the site accommodation business owners can advertise their properties to an international market who’re searching for an accommodation business based in Australia.

Build an email database with targeted leads

Direct marketing using email lists increases your chances of securing a sale. At Accommodation Business Brokers, we market properties to our 31,000-strong subscriber list. Each email recipient has an interest in buying an accommodation business, and many work within the tourist industry already, making them the right people to promote your property too.

According to marketing platform HubSpot, every $1 that a business spends on email marketing results in a $94 return. When you have access to a list of warm leads, your email marketing efforts are going to bear fruit.

Advertise across major business and property portals

Your efforts to sell your tourism business online should involve accessing relevant property portals. At Accommodation Business Brokers, we increase your chances of securing a sale by using the right portals. Leaving no stone unturned, our advertising gurus use the following resources:

Commercial business listing portals:

Commercial Real Estate: An Australian business property sales site

Real Commercial: Ranked as Australia’s no.1 commercial property site

Commercial View: Leasing and selling commercial real estate

Any Business: Australian businesses for sale across multiple sectors

Industry-specific property listing portals:

Accom Properties: Accommodation properties for sale

Onsite Manager: Promoting management rights and sales in the accommodation industry

When we market your business across different portals, we significantly increase its exposure.

Use socially smart advertising strategies

Long gone are the days when people used social media for reading statuses only. Today, sites such as Facebook play a strong role in promoting business transactions. Using high-tech algorithms, you can now use Facebook advertising to promote your accommodation property to people with an interest in new business opportunities.

At Accommodation Business Brokers, we’ve also partnered with a specialist social media marketing agency,, who know how to use socially smart advertising strategies specific to selling accommodation property.

Leveraging our subscriber database and Facebook’s algorithms, your property can be shown to potential purchasers in the palm of their hand. For example, if you’re selling a motel in Perth, it’ll grace the computer and mobile screens of those whose Internet activities indicate they want to acquire such a business opportunity.

With a fully comprehensive and industry-specific approach to selling your tourism business, mastering the digital age is possible. At Accommodation Business Brokers, our ability to tap into digital marketing expertise means the sale of your property is in great hands.

Chris Rowe & team

With a strong appreciation of what constitutes a successful accommodation business sale, I’m able to recommend a sale price for your business; whether its a hotel, motel, resort, backpackers, caravan park, or management rights , at optimal market value. During my time as a broker, I have sold in excess of 100 properties around New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory. On average, I can take a property from ‘Listed’ to ‘Sold’ within 30 days.

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