We’ve walked in your shoes

We’re not only business brokers but have also owned and run accommodation businesses ourselves.

In fact, our business broking team are employed on the basis that they have first-hand experience in either hospitality or accommodation management.

Plus, many of us continue to own accommodation businesses today. Hence, there’s no better broker or business brokerage to assist you with your accommodation business sale.

We empathise!

Selling an accommodation or hospitality business can, for some, be an emotional, challenging and time-consuming task.

We understand the countless hours, energy and finances you’ve invested to support and grow your business. But now, for reasons we would love to better understand, you’ve reached a crossroads and decided it’s time to sell. You’re ready to close this chapter and start anew.

Make the break, reap your rewards

With the right professional help and expert guidance, selling your accommodation or hospitality business can be extremely rewarding, and ultimately, life-changing.

Engage our help and we’ll take the time to evaluate your unique circumstances and offer advice that’ll put you on the right path to a successful business sale.

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The Accommodation Business Brokers team are genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Management Rights businesses.
— John S, NSW