Skill up with holiday parks and resorts training courses

When you run an accommodation or hospitality business, it is essential to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date and stay on top of all the latest developments within the industry. Holiday parks and resorts training courses are a great way to achieve these things.

Why should you do tourism business training?

Training offers a wide range of benefits for accommodation business owners. It can help you:

  • Maximise returns on investment, as the more successfully you run your business, the more popular it will be;
  • Enhance the value of your asset, as a thriving business is worth more;
  • Minimise your operational expenses, as training makes you much more likely to get things right first time;
  • Investigate and implement innovative policies, which you might not have found out about if you had not completed a training course.

Who should do training?

There are three main groups of people who can benefit from training:

1. Accommodation business owners

When you are running a hospitality business, you need to keep your skills and knowledge current if you want to keep up with the competition. Training enables you to discover new and more efficient business practices.

2. Accommodation business buyers

If you are thinking about purchasing an accommodation business for the first time, taking a course is the best way to gain a realistic insight into what will be involved in running the business.

3. Hotel, park and tourism business managers

Your staff, particularly your managers, also need to keep their skills up-to-date, so sending them for annual training is a great idea. It will help them discover new talents and skills which they will bring back to your business, helping you to reap the rewards.

In addition, sending your workers for training helps considerably with staff retention, as they will feel more loyal to an employer who is prepared to invest in them and provide opportunities for development.

Holiday parks and resorts training providers

There are many different training courses available for accommodation businesses, including hospitality courses in Australia for international students, who often work in the tourism industry. Here are some of the main courses and providers you can consider, depending on the needs of your business.

1. Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management

Listed on the website called My Skills, which is an Australian government initiative, this course covers many aspects of tourism business management. You can also find out more about the syllabus for the Diploma of Holiday Parks and Resorts at

Depending on the level of training you want to take, you can either pursue a certificate III or a certificate IV in holiday parks and resorts online.

2. Vocational training

There are a number of excellent vocational training providers who specialise in the accommodation, hospitality and tourism industries. These include:

William Angliss Institute: a global training provider with facilities throughout Australia.

Tubal: a training provider for the hospitality, retail and holiday parks and resorts industries, with facilities Australia-wide.

Holmesglen: a Victoria-based training provider for the hospitality, tourism and events industries.

BelgraviaPRO: a training provider specifically for caravan park and resort staff, with facilities in NSW and Queensland.

3. Caravan parks offering practical training for other park owners

North Star Holiday Resort in NSW offers one-week orientation courses for new and potential caravan park owners, with opportunities for “hands-on” experience.

Free Spirit has partnered with a registered training organisation to provide nationally accredited qualifications from their training school in Queensland.

Discovery Parks offers a Pathway to Park Management qualification which offers an introduction to park operations and the required leadership skills. Based in Brisbane.

Remember, whatever your age or experience, you can always gain something new from training. Learners are earners!

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