Add a touch of glamping to your campsite

People often say that camping would be much more fun without the setup and packing away processes – not to mention having the basic facilities! This is probably why Australians have really taken to glamping, with over 130 tented glamping sites now established across Australia.

As an accommodation business owner, if you leverage the power of glamping, you could be on your way to a wonderful windfall. It enables you to cater to more upmarket campers and charge fees equal to or higher than hotel room rates. It can also add value if you want to list your accommodation business for sale, helping you to achieve a higher price.

So, how do you start a glamping business or add glamping accommodation to your campsite grounds

Types of glamping

The main types of tented glamping accommodation are:

  • Luxury tents
  • Bell tents
  • Safari tents
  • Tented cabins
  • Yurts
  • Tipis
  • Domes

The type you choose will depend on your site and your budget.

Glamping options for your accommodation business

The location of your campsite or caravan park really doesn’t matter. You might assume that glamping in Australia is limited to the bush, but this isn’t the case at all – you can now find glamping sites on beaches and even in the heart of major cities, such as on Cockatoo Island in the middle of Sydney harbour.

Some attractions are also using glamping to add to their tourist appeal – for example, you can now enjoy a glamping and evening safari package at Taronga Zoo. So, even if you think your campsite is in an unlikely location, there is a high chance that some of your guests will still want to enjoy the glamping experience.

If you don’t want to invest in luxury tents at present, or you are listing your campsite or caravan park for sale and trying to minimise expenditure, there are other options. You can partner with a luxury tent hire company such as Flash Camp or Happy Glamper, which provide pop-up glamping experiences.

How to add a touch of glamping to your campsite

1. Create enough space

Allow sufficient space for each luxury tent. Remember, glamping is supposed to be more of an upmarket, exclusive experience, so your guests will not appreciate feeling crowded.

2. Check planning requirements

Before you set up your site, it is important to check planning requirements with your local council. Planning permission is required but it is less restrictive than for permanent structures. Most councils are extremely supportive of tourism initiatives and will help you as much as they can.

3. Provide the right amenities

Glamping is a luxury experience so lighting and heating in all tents are essential, as are comfortable beds. However, many luxury tents also contain their own bathrooms, flushing toilets, kitchenettes, sofas and even fireplaces.

4. Promote your glamping site

Make sure people know about the new services you are offering. Market your glamping facilities on your website and through social media, and tell all your current camping guests about it to make sure the word spreads.

Find out more about starting a glamping business

If you are interested in adding glamping to your existing offering, or you want to maximise value before listing your caravan park or campsite for sale, the specialist team here at Accommodation Business Brokers are always happy to help. Please contact us for more information.

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