How to encourage guests to leave more positive reviews

If you are running an accommodation business which you feel could be doing better, you need to think about improving the reputation of your business online. Even if you are getting great feedback from your guests face-to-face, this won’t translate into more customers unless other people get to hear about your business.

Why online reviews matter

One of the most important accommodation business tips that any manager or owner can take on board is that you need as many online reviews as possible.

These days, 90% of people use online reviews to help them make purchase decisions. People now trust reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from friends and family. So, if your accommodation business does not have many reviews, you’re not building the essential trust and credibility that will encourage people to book a stay with you.

Without reviews, it also becomes much more difficult for potential customers to find you. The number of online reviews you receive has a direct impact on the visibility of your business, as it:

  • Gives you a higher position in search engine results
  • Improves your ranking on review sites
  • Increases your overall online reputation score

This is why you need more reviews – potential customers will be more likely to discover your business in the first place, and more likely to choose you over your competitors.

How to get more positive reviews

There are a number of vital steps you can take to encourage your guests to leave positive reviews for your accommodation business:

1. Create a remarkable experience

Your guests are much more likely to leave a review if they’ve had a great stay, not just a good stay. This means you need to ensure your guests’ expectations are met, and if possible, exceeded, so they will want to spread the word.

It can help to have a standout feature, as this is often the hook someone needs to write a positive review, and it encourages others to want to experience this feature for themselves. If you create an incredible kids club, for example, this will be reflected in your reviews and you’ll start to see more families making bookings.

Also, taking on negative feedback and fixing any problems is hugely important. Complaints about the cleanliness? Make sure to increase your cleaning budget.

2. Build the best team possible

Online reviews for hotels and other hospitality businesses often mention the staff. You need to explain to your team how important their attitudes are in getting positive reviews and increasing the success of your business. If they’re friendly and helpful rather than grouchy and dismissive, this has a big impact on your online reputation.

3. Actually ask customers for reviews

Many business owners worry about asking customers for reviews, but if a guest has had a positive experience, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t ask them to share it. The best time to ask is usually during the checkout process when you ask if they were happy with their stay.

It’s worth explaining to your guests how important positive reviews are for your business, as many will be happy to help.

4. Promote review sites

You can remind guests to leave reviews by displaying a TripAdvisor sign on the reception desk or a poster on the wall. You can also send follow-up emails asking if they enjoyed their stay, including links to a variety of online review sites.

By following these examples, you can quickly build up the number of reviews your business has online and give yourself a significant advantage.

More accommodation business tips

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